About AB

    Archive of Biochemistry is an open access, peer reviewed and global journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research work in all disciplines of Biochemistry sciences. Biochemistry is the closest subject which focusses to unravel the mystery of life, unwinding how different chemical components come together to form life.

    The journal provides an excellent platform for dissemination of knowledge amongst researchers and academicians. It is an online journal and has an ever expanding reach to its readers, thus providing greater citations for authors.

    The journal thrives hard to provide updated and relevant information to clinical and basic researchers in a timely manner. Biochemistry is highly interdisciplinary and laboratory based subject. The field is highly inter related with disciplines like genetic, microbiology, forensics, plant science and medicine. The journal understands its responsibilities and vitality of such an inter-disciplinary subject. Such a large scope of the subject have resulted in staggering progress in the last 100 years.

    Many national governments have also realised the potential of biochemistry in prosperity of a nation. The journal deals in providing quality platform to researchers and readers to give necessary impetus to quality research which governments are aspiring to achieve.