Study the effect of different shapes of plume rise on Gaussian plume models and its maximum in unstable conditions

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ojabc.000029

    Published On: May 30, 2023 | Pages: 011 - 015

    Author(s): Khaled SM Essa, Sawsan EM El Saied*, AA Wheida and Mustafa El Naze
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    Porous carbon derived from Zea mays cobs as excellent electrodes for supercapacitor applications

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ojabc.000028

    Published On: February 09, 2023 | Pages: 001 - 010

    Author(s): Moses Kigozi*, Richard K Koech, Kingsley Orisekeh, Ravi Kali, Omar LM Kamoga, Balaji Padya, Abdulhakeem Bello, Gabriel N Kasozi, Pawan Kumar Jain, John Baptist Kirabira, Azikiwe Peter Onwualu and Nelson Y Dzade*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-6463-9052

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