International Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal covering fundamental and applied research in all disciplines of science, engineering and medicine. The journal is also committed to create an impact in the field of Nanomaterials and covers all major topics under Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine. Nano-composites, Nano-fabrics, Nano-flakes, Nano-fibers are a few disciplines covered under the journal.

    All contributions to the journal are rigorously refereed and are selected on the basis of quality and originality of the work. The journal publishes the most significant new research papers or any other original contribution in the form of reviews and reports on new concepts in all areas pertaining to its scope and research being done in the world, thus ensuring its scientific priority and significance.

    Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine are an international and interdisciplinary scholarly open access journal. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications, and short notes that are relevant to any field of study that involves Nanomaterials, with respect to their science and application. Thus, theoretical and experimental articles will be accepted, along with articles that deal with the synthesis and use of Nanomaterials.

    International Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of nanotechnology. It encompasses the comprehensive understanding of the fundamental physics, biology, chemistry, technology of nanometer-scale objects and how such objects can be used in the areas of computation, sensors, nanostructure materials and Nano-biotechnology.

    The scope of the journal of covers clinical studies and experimental research in Nanomedicine nanotechnology and related disciplines. Some of the topics covered by the journal are: computational nanotechnology, molecular machines, Nanoparticles, Nanosensors, Nanobiotechnology, Nanofluidics, Nanomaterials, Nanomedicine, Nanometrology, Nanodevices, Nanostucutres, processing, structural properties, surface patterning, imaging and synthesis Atom Manipulation, Biological Systems, Carbon Nanostructures, Computational Nanoscience, General Nanoscience, Materials Synthesis, Molecular Electronics, Nano-electromechanical Systems, Nanoelectronics, Nanoethics, Nanofabrication, Nanomagnetics, Nanomanipulation, Nano-mechanics, Nano-optics, Nanoprobes, Nano-spintronics and Magnetism, Nanotechnology, Nanotoxicology, etc.

    • Nanomedicine, Nanoscience, Nano Particle Sensors
    • Nanotechnology – Targeted Drug Delivery
    • Nanotechnology Based Diagnostics & Imaging
    • Optical Biosensors and Systems
    • Nanotechnology: Challenges & Perspectives in Medicine
    • Nanostructured Materials, Nano Materials, Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Nanotechnology, Nanopharmaceuticals, Nano Fabrications
    • Nano Composites, Nanotubes & Nanowires, Nanoelectronics
    • Nano Engineered Systems, Nano Biotechnology, Translational Nanoscience