Aims and Scope

    International Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine is an international, peer reviewed open access, academic and high quality journal that covers following topics but not limited to the following areas:

    • Nanomedicine, Nanoscience, Nano Particle Sensors
    • Nanotechnology – Targeted Drug Delivery
    • Nanotechnology Based Diagnostics & Imaging
    • Optical Biosensors and Systems
    • Nanotechnology: Challenges & Perspectives in Medicine
    • Nanostructured Materials, Nano Materials, Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Nanotechnology, Nanopharmaceuticals, Nano Fabrications
    • Nano Composites, Nanotubes & Nanowires, Nanoelectronics
    • Nano Engineered Systems, Nano Biotechnology, Translational Nanoscience
    • NanoPhotonics, Bionanoscience, Nanomaterials, Gold nanoparticle
    • Gold nanobeacons, Energy applications of nanotechnology, Nanoengineering
    • Nanobiotechnology, Nanofluidics, Nanohub, Nanometrology
    • Nanoscale networks, Nanotechnology education, Nanotechnology in fiction
    • Nanotechnology in water treatment, Nanothermite, Nanoweapons
    • Wet nanotechnology, Self-assembly of nanoparticles, Special Nanomaterials
    • Nanomaterials synthesis, Nanotopography, Nanocomposite
    • GML nanofilm, Nanocages, Nanofabrics, Nanofiber, Nanoflake
    • Nanoparticles: Metals and Metal Alloys
    • Nano Minerals: Nanoclays, Atom Manipulation, Biological Systems
    • Carbon Nanostructures, Computational Nanoscience, General Nanoscience
    • Materials Synthesis, Molecular Electronics, Nanobiotechnology, Nanodevices
    • Nano-electromechanical Systems, Nanoelectronics, Nanoethics
    • Nanofabrication, Nanofluidics, Nanomagnetics, Nanomanipulation
    • Nanomaterials, Nano-mechanics, Nanomedicine, Nanoparticles
    • Nano-optics, Nanoprobes, Nano-spintronics and Magnetism
    • Nanostructures, Nanotechnology, Nanotoxicology
    • Synthesis of nanosized materials, Bottom-up, top-down, and directed-assembly methods for the organization of nanostructures, Modeling and simulation of synthesis processes, Nanofabrication and processing of nanoscale materials and devices, Novel growth and fabrication techniques for nanostructures, Characterization of size-dependent properties, Nano-characterization techniques, Properties of nanoscale materials, Structure analysis at atomic, molecular, and nanometric range, Realization and application of novel nanostructures and nanodevices, Devices and technologies based on the size-dependent electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of nanomaterials, Nanostructured materials and nanocomposites for energy conversion applications, Nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics materials and devices, Nanosystems for biological, medical, chemical, catalytic, energy and environmental applications, Nanodevices for electronic, photonic, magnetic, imaging, diagnostic and sensor applications, Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine