Aims and Scope

    Open Journal of  Chemistry  publishes original Research Article, Editorial, Review Article, Rapid Communication, Case Report, Short Communications, Conference Proceedings, Special Issue Article, Mini Review, Annual Meeting Abstract, Letters, and Observations with analysis and discussion.

    Classifications of Open Journal of  Chemistry :
    • Biopharmaceuticals, Biologically active compounds
    • Computational chemistry, Computational chemistry methods
    • Design and synthesis of active compounds, Drug Mechanism of Action
    • Drug Target, Drug Discovery, Drug Design, Drug Metabolism
    • Enzyme Inhibitors, Galenic Formulation, Inverse Benefit Law
    • Medicinal Chemistry, Medical Biology, Medical Physics
    • Molecular Conception, Pharmaceutics, Therapeutics, Stereochemistry
    • Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Biomolecules, Pharmacodynamics
    • Combinatorial Chemistry, Biochemistry Molecular Biology, pharmacognosy
    • Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Pharmacognosy
    • Pharmacokinetics, Process Chemistry and Development, Pharmacology
    • Pharmacophore, Xenobiotic Metabolism, Chemical Reactions
    • Synthesis Strategies, Target interaction analysis, Production
    • Purification and Formulation, Pro-drug synthesis Pharmacological activity
    • Peptidomimetics, Organic synthesis, Organic chemistry
    • SSR of compound series, Molecular structure, Molecular recognition at receptors
    • Molecular Modeling, NMR and Crystallography, Metabolic transformation
    • Ligands and targets, Interaction of ligands and receptors
    • Heterocyclic Chemistry, Evaluation of novel types of pro-drugs
    • Synthesis of bioactive compounds
    • Docking, molecular modeling, QSAR, SAR, and computational studies of bioactive interactions
    • Characterization of active ingredients of medicinal plants/identification of bioactivity in plant extracts
    • Identification of targets and mechanism of activity of plant extracts
    • Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive natural products of plant origin
    • Critical reviews of the historical, clinical and legal status of medicinal plants, and accounts on topical issues